Yoni massage

It can be overwhelming to be naked and receive yoni massage by a man you dont know and never have met before. You must therefore think carefully  before you decide whether I am the person / therapist who shall help you to awaken your sexual / sensual energy or redeem trauma that sits in your body and in your yoni.

If you are in doubt, I recommend you to book a normal healing massage before you make your decision about tantric massage.

Yoni massage is a gentle massage of your outer and inner labia and the area around the clitoris. Then a gentle massage with on or two fingers of nuts points in your vagina. You can also choose to receive the outer Yoni massage if the inner Yoni massage feels to overwhelming for you.

See a yoni massage HER

The massage has nothing to do with sex, but is a therapeutic touch. The whole idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtantric massage is the ENTIRE body need attention and experience the sensuality.

When the yoni is a sensitive area and is closely connected to our sexual energy, and your release it, it can happen that you get orgasm. If that happens, so be it, if it feels right - If it docent feels right say STOP. Orgasm is NOT the purpose of the yoni massage.

The aim is to free up sensuality or traumatic / psychological bound energy, which sits in your body. So maybe you will instead find that you become overwhelmed by feelings elle physical marks tightness, soreness or pain. This is where the release can take place.

Yoni massage is your choice and you can at any time say NO during the massage, even if you have said YES. If I discover insecurity before you even being aware of it, I´ll stop and await your response before I continue massaging.

Note: A tantric massage without Yoni massage can also be liberating .

When you book your session you can choose tantric massage with or without yoni massage.

Also note that I am fully dressed during the massage and I ONLY use my arms, hands and fingers during the massage.