Tantric massage for women

The difference between traditional healing massage and Tantric massage is, that in normal healing massage we exclude the sexual energy. Tantric massage is a more sensual, loving and peaceful massage. You are invited to explore, experience or relive your inner sexual energy and power. Tantric massage is therefore a full body massage in the full sense.

During my years as a therapist, I have learned that many blockages is stored in the body. In women (and men)  trauma is also stored in our sensuous areas. These areas and their organs are often overlooked in connection with trauma release or energy work, because we associate them with sex, having to achieve something, give something or satisfying a partner.

In Tantric massage, there are no expectations for you (or me) only sensuality.

Injury or mental blockages in your body and in your female sensual areas are frozen energy that tantric massage will open up, so the sexual / sensual energy begin to flow free again in your body. This sexual / sensual energy is a basic human force (and the strongest of all energies) , which we modern humans have removed us away from. When you  get in touch with this old inner power, you feel balanced, powerfull and peaceful.

Tantric massage is a full body massage whits can includes the female sex organ called yoni (or vulva) .

Read more about Yoni massage HERE

If you dont think you are ready for a full  tantric massage, you can book a session without a yoni massage.The massage is also very powerfull  without Yoni massage, as the body is filled with acupressure points that affect the sexual energy flow.

A client wrote this after her first session:

"It was a great present and loving experience. I felt so comfortable during the massage. Now It feels like there burn an Olympic flame inside me. Now I feel  my body, my femininity and my sexual potency. A strength I feel I can use to change what I came for help to change. It´s completely new for me that my sexual sensuality can be used for anything other than what I thought it should be used to"
- Pia from Odense

It´s important for me to clarify that my tantric massage  ONLY is for therapeutic purposes. If I sense something else, I reserve the right to cancel/stop our session.

IMPORTANT: If you are unsure about tantric massage is the right thing for you, or you have any questions, I recommend you to book a FREE telephone conversation with me first, or to book a normal healing massage. Book HERE

"The Human touch is the silent gate to our Hart”

What trauma or mental stress, can a tantric massage help to release ?

  • Trauma after childbirth
  • Trauma / grief after miscarriage
  • Infertility / fertility problems
  • Pelvic / Pelvic Pain
  • Stress
  • Relieve depression
  • Sexual trauma / abuse
  • Painful intercourse (often due to a trauma)
  • Difficulties to love yourself and your body
  • Low self-esteem
  • Missing the feeling of closeness and love in everyday life
  • Lack of sex drive

Other effects of the massage:

  • Fewer pain during menstruation
  • Increased sensitivity in the yoni and the body
  • Increased moisture during sexual arousal
  • A "bust" of your relationship, if your sex life is stalled

"Your task is not to seek for love, but to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you've formed against it"
- Rumi

Practical and ethical information:

  • Take a shower right before the session.
  • I use almond oil - Are you one of the very few people who are allergic to almonds please state it when you order your session (preferably with information on which oil you would like med to use).
  • Are you pregnant or do you have a physical injury you must state this, so I can take into account during the massage.
  • I am fully clothed throughout the massage and I only use my arms, hands and fingers during the massage.
  • I am not present in the room when you get dress on and off.
  • During the massage I´m respecting your personal boundaries. If you know you have “problem areas” please inform me in advance during our conversation before the session.
  • You are in full control of your boundaries, and I want you to feel comfortable and safe before,during and after the massage. I will ask you  before (and during ) whether you want massage of yoni or not. You can feel free at any time to stop the massage, if you regret it, or i docent feels right.
  • A full massage consists of shoulder / neck / scalp massage. Massage of back, buttocks, legs, feet, arms, hands, breasts, abdomen and yoni massage. If you have specific problems I will focus on thise areas.
Tantric massage for women in Odense